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Platinum is a silver-white metal traditionally known as white gold. While being extremely resistant to losing lustre, it is very malleable.

Just like the precious metal, Platinum Commercial Group Construction is highly reputable, respected and able to provide for any situation regardless of the level of individual tailoring required.

Platinum Commercial Group Construction

Platinum Commercial Group Construction is a building company born and bred in the heart of Melbourne, Australia’s booming construction capital. PCG Construction employs personnel that are highly talented, skilled and have an exceptional amount of drive and patience. More importantly, PCG Construction employs people that adhere to and work using our very own PPP ethos.

40056421 - monolithic building construction site work from concrete

The PCG Construction PPP Ethos

The Platinum Philosophy

Inspire, innovate and create. We set the standard exceptionally high for ourselves and relish in providing unmatched service for our clients.

The Platinum Promise

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure excellence in communication, production and value. We will surpass your expectations.

The Platinum Persistence

We won’t – and can’t – stop until we achieve to the finest detail what we have set out to do for you. We stand by our word and our word is our livelihood.

You will quickly find our unique culture of hard work, no nonsense and the relentless pursuit of excellence is found few and far between in the construction industry. What sets us apart from the competition is our hard earned prestige through integrity, honor and reputation.

PCG Construction offer a free measure and quote.

We work with our clients to ensure every project is focused on service, excellence and deliverability.