Platinum Commercial Groups commitment to service, performance and quality delivers excellent results for your projects. We work with our clients to ensure every project is focused on service, excellence and deliverability.
We achieve this by:

·        Dissecting the project before commencement.

·        Generating advantage through strong leadership, project management and teamwork.

·        Developing technical and service expertise to deliver on our promises.

·        Strengthen our reputation with our long-term relationships and new customers through value and reliable service excellence.

Our Services


  • Conventional formwork
  • Insitu walls
  • Insitu columns
  • Stairs
  • Stair master
  • Bondek/Condek
  • Dincel


  • Footings and ground slabs
  • Crane bases
  • Wall and columns steel
  • Suspended slab reinforcement
  • Pre-cast panels, beams & columns
  • Post stressing


  • Tilt-up panels (built on site)
  • Pre-cast panels (manufactured in our yard)
  • Pre-cast beams
  • Pre-cast columns
  • Precast computations


  • Pouring and pumping
  • Footings and slabs on ground
  • Spraying/shotcrete
  •  Walls and columns
  • Suspended slabs
  • Bondek floors
  • Pre-cast elements


  • Detailed excavation of strip and pad footings
  • Bulk excavation which involves large & deep basement excavation
  • Trucks for all the spoil removal
  • Tip sites